Wednesday, March 31, 2021

World's First 'Smart Contract' for the Blockchain Government

 The World's FIRST Smart Contract for the Blockchain Government forming NOW.

The Smart Contract That Will Change The World

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If you were witness to the elections in the USA and elsewhere over the last several decades, worsening every year, you realize that Democracy is in deep trouble. The only way out? A blockchain system of Elections and later on the entire planet ruled in a completely decentralized, trusted and logical way of doing business, keeping the global economy running smoothly because the wisdom of the billions of people on this planet far exceeds, the dumbness and numbness of the 'Limited Brain Trust' of our current systems.
When Bitcoin recently hit a trillion dollars in valuation, the world currencies started to take notice. Never before has a currency become as competitive as this cryptocurrency has become. It has made billionaires out of children who bought in at less than a penny each and now Bitcoin is valued at over $50,000 each and some say it will reach one million dollars some day EACH. But, the more important and valuable takeaway from the Bitcoin experience is the fact that this like all other cryptocurrencies, of which there are thousands, are based on a Blockchain, a set of unbreakable processes based on a 'Smart Contract' or an Algorithm not unlike the one that delivers the Internet and our cell phone apps to us every day. So, then, one realizes that the activities of any government are really no more than a 'Dumb Contract' that has been evolved over centuries between the governed and the governors. BUT, with a blockchain government, we no longer require such dumb contracts that are always breaking down having been written on paper where the paper is tossed into the trash every day.

Today, we can store any kind of information in a safe and secure database, the same one used to keep Bitcoin going - but in this case, we use it in our elections and decide the major issues of the day within a few days with ALL DECISIONS FINAL and FORMATTED BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

OR , we can continue doing what we're doing - waiting in lines that can take up a whole day to vote for Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dum, AND NOW they aren't even going to allow us to have a sip of water or a bit of a sandwich while we wait in these hot oppressive lines outside in the rain and snow.

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Monday, March 22, 2021

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said today that Bitcoin isn't backed by anything and is therefore only for speculation. Is he RIGHT?

 Federal Reserve Chairman says that Bitcoin isn't backed by anything and is therefore only for speculation.

I believe he's absolutely 100% CORRECT.

SO - that means we must STOP SPECULATING


to ISSUE the CURRENCY of the Future and For the Future


AND from then on - THE United States CRYPTO CURRENCY is backed up by the United States of America - just like the DOLLAR

BUT if we DO IT RIGHT . . .




You will want your family to get in on the GROUND FLOOR



Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Blockchain Government - Engineering The Future FREE through the Weekend. Get your new role in the Global Community started.

  My new book - The Blockchain Government - Engineering The Future is FREE through this Weekend.

We MUST make this idea go VIRAL on the INTERNET or THEY WILL NEVER ALLOW US to achieve this FINAL FORM of DEMOCRACY - NEVER

We have to start to BUILD the GLOBAL COMMUNITY






Doing my research for my new book - 'The Blockchain Government - Engineering The Future', I came across the small but forward thinking little island nation of Tuvalu which appears to be in the process of launching the world's first National Cryptocurrency.  (I'm hoping they call it the 'Ultium') They are already, it seems working on the Blockchain that will allow them to launch their Cryptocurrency early next year.

This could be the start of what I am calling the 'Global Community', a new form of international cooperation that would be the first major movement toward a global democracy ever attempted. This is made possible by the use of something known as the 'Smart Contract' that is embedded in the Blockchain.  The 'Smart Contract' eliminates all the normal middlemen that the Human Race has required throughout history for our major transactions, like Doctors, Lawyers, politicians and replaces them with a computer algorithm.  This is the same kind of algorithym that Google uses to find the best search results for any user within seconds.  The same thing that Bitcoin uses to formalize all transactions. Except the 'Global Community's smart contract would be used to find the best solutions to any problems we face and then put these up for a vote. In a totally secured system such as the Blockchain has proven out to be, the world would be certain that the vast majority of 'The Global Community' had approved it.

This current and ongoing preparation for the Tuvaluan Cryptocurrency would be historic and mind-boggling because it could become the world's standard form of money replacing the US Dollar as the world's most trusted form of money. If that happens, the value of the 'Ultium' as I am calling it could go from less than a penny to over $50,000 each as the Bitcoin has done in the last 11 years since its launch. But in the case of the 'Ultium' it could soar much higher in value and much more rapidly than Bitcoin. That's just a guess, but a good one, given the popularity of digital coins and how fast they are outpacing any other form of investment, on their own and with very little rationale behind them.  Backed by an actual country, and held tightly within the logic and discipline of the 'Smart Contract' there really is no telling how high this new currency could rise in value. Tuvaluans would be the first recipients, the early adopters, the ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

But, I am also reading that some in the Tuvaluan Government, as they are working on this momentous and innovative, even revolutionary new economy are also thinking about selling passports at around $119,000 each in order to raise money.  I think this is a terrible idea for many reasons. The main reason for NOT doing this is that Tuvalu will be reducing their credibility when launching their Cryptocurrency and the world could simply reject the idea.  But, perhaps the most important reason they should not do this is because wherever a country has done this, they have severely diluted their own culture and the culture of this little Pacific Island Nation is pristine, almost perfect and has to be allowed to serve its true purpose over time. I believe the true purpose of this little nation is to show the world how even a few people - with the power of Truth and Beauty on their side can and must change the world - and for the better.  

Other states like Tonga and the Marshall Islands have tried this and the buyer’s culture totally overwhelmed and changed these cultures forever with no going back.  Plus, with the ocean constantly rising due to Carbon emissions of the rest of the world, we desperately need a way to slow this destruction by reducing our hydrocarbon emissions.  I can't say for sure, but I believe strongly that the Blockchain Government is the best way to do this and so much more because it will keep this country on the right path!  Selling passports doesn’t do any of us any good.

Now, imagine how this idea would survive if put up for a vote among the Tuvaluan people. This is exactly the power of the Blockchain Government - giving the Community the way to decide important decisions and changes like selling passports to make money.  This is like selling one's soul to the highest bidder, so why would anyone do that especially since they are on the verge of launching possibly the world's most successful currency in world history, one that could earn them TRILLIONS at some point in time? But you'll only get ONE SHOT at this!

In the Blockchain Government, this and any other foolish or beneficial idea that arises is put up before the 'Community' for their approval or disapproval and it all takes place in a matter of a few days. When done, that election is decided, wheels turn in the direction that the vast majority wanted to go in, and everyone can turn their attention to more important issues before them, giving everyone far more time and energy to simply enjoy life. 
This is the essence of the Blockchain Government as many envision it and I invite every Tuvaluan to go to Amazon and pick up a FREE COPY of the book that explains it all - (Available for Free for the next few days.) Get your copy and pass it around to all your fellow Tuvaluans. Let your friends and loved ones know the importance of these ideas and how you must all get together to begin the 'Global Community' immediately in order to influence your government to do the right thing. You don't want to be selling passports to raise money. You DO want to launch the 'Ultium' - the world's first National Cryptocurrency and you can only do it by launching this Blockchain they are designing for you right now. Thank your Government leaders for doing the right thing. This is as brave and courageous an action as they get.  But discourage them for doing the wrong things, like selling passports to the highest bidders. And, tell them you want to put that same process of a real democracy on the Blockchain they are now designing.

You only need to be part of that design and things will turn out OK - Trust me.  My book is found at: -
Please go there now and get your FREE COPY - and LIKE this POST - Comment on it and when you're more familiar with these issues, please give the book a 5-Star Review.  This will make it available to millions of other people.  Thank You and Good Luck Tuvalu.  Let's Engineer the Future together -  Let's all enjoy  the 'Ultium' kind of life on Earth'.

For more information, send your queries to; ‘’

Friday, March 5, 2021

New Book - 'The Block Chain Government - Engineering The Future' drops today on Amazon. Kindle and Print - Audible coming soon.

We need to replace all the 'Smart Asses' with the 'Smart Contract'. 

Get US Started down the right direction.  The last several years of history predicts our future and it's not good.

Learn how to initiate a BlockChain Government - one that is powered by the Internet, cannot be hacked, includes everyone and solves all (or most) of our problems INSTANTLY.

OR you can continue to wait in HOUR-LONG LINES at the polling places and worry about "POLL WATCHERS" with guns.  Come-On Man.

Kindle and Print


Never before in the history of Humanity has it been more obvious to more people that a great change in the way we do things must begin.

When our present government was created in 1789, there was nothing even on the horizon like Electricity, Computers, the Telephone or the Internet.  It's amazing we got this amount of democracy considering how it all had to work using the horse and buggy to move ideas and people around the country.

Now, that we have all of these modern conveniences, why are we forced to continue using these ancient methodologies that are too slow, inefficient, expensive and vulnerable to global interference?

This book is your passport to the kinds of simple changes we can make to our Constitution to upgrade it so that it can handle  the day to day emergencies that we are currently experiencing.  

What will happen if we do NOT make these changes?  It's anyone's guess, but it's not looking really great for most of us right now.  Building a new 'Community' around the Blockchain is our only hope.



We'll only make progress if we're all on the SAME PAGE


USE OUR NEW HASHTAG - #blockchaingov 

Government - Of the People, By the People and For the People - will only happen when the People can use NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES

 Presidents have promised it - Politicians RUN on it.  Give us REAL DEMOCRACY NOW! Let 'We The People' decide LEARN MORE Real Democr...