The Blockchain and ‘Good Government’ go together like a ‘hand in glove’ because the heart and soul of a truly useful government is one that is honest, transparent, dedicated to the common good, fast and efficient, inexpensive to operate and totally trustworthy so that the governed may follow their ‘Pursuit of Happiness’, without having to put in the hard work daily at the vigilance and obsession with the daily mistakes and misconceptions that a bad government can make so regularly and without rectification or even mitigation by the electorate.

With a National and later a Global Blockchain in place, the promise of providing ‘We The People’ with a totally democratic and free system of government will be fulfilled at last because the Blockchain allows the ‘Community’ to make changes to the system at any time in a secure and majority-approved manner every time. Everyone in the system has equal participation and influence. There are no celebrities, professionals, political parties, historic ideologies, special interest groups, or any other centralized system of making decisions because the basis of the Blockchain is that it is ‘Decentralized’ in all aspects of its operation. And it comes to us just in time.

Believe it or not, we live under a tyranny of what I will call throughout this book, the rule of ‘Limited Brain Power’ We suffer a government where anyone can stand up in the middle of the floor of the Senate or the House of Representatives and say one word – ‘Objection’ and the whole machinery of our government in the United States comes to a screeching halt. No more consideration or debate can take place. Nothing can be done about the decision in question. If a leader of either political party stands up and says ‘Objection’, the entire government must consider other things like the weather or who won last night’s ball game even as the most serious threats to our democracy may be gathered at the door, breaking them down threatening to send us all into total chaos.

And so, due to hundreds of years of neglect by the American people, it’s going to take a major shift in our way of doing things in order to save this country and save this world from the worst case of corrupted, rusting old machinery, tyranny and apathy we’ve ever known. And this will be called the greatest revolution, both technological and political in history.

But it’s going to require us to replace some of the major thinking, customs and culture of older people and replace it with ideas that burst forth from much younger, more agile brains. I myself am older, so I may not be comfortable with all of the changes that will be made, but if I am not comfortable with them, it doesn’t matter, because the planet we are handing off to our younger generations is in foul shape and therefore, only the younger generations will be effected the most and therefore, these people should be in charge, no matter what we older people think about it, because we who are on their way out have done little or nothing to prevent the coming disaster. This book is all about how an amazing new technological, political and social revolution, already in motion, can and must be encouraged.

Most of you are acutely aware that the United States Election system is pretty much useless. It takes months, if not years to complete. It is not secured. Foreigners have been allowed to access it in many states. It is subject to the administration of thousands of people in all of the separate states, all using different standards and protocols and influenced by their own prejudices, some even promoting fake fantastic conspiracy theories. (Believe it or not, there are many people in our government, some even in the Pentagon, making decisions for ALL of us who believe that the Democrats are slaughtering and eating human babies. How long can we afford the incredible risk of keeping this system in place?) AND, above all, it is based on an antiquated system of electing our Chief Executive Officer, someone who now has the greatest power in the world by a small diffuse group of political ‘hit men’ known as ‘Electors’.

Unbeknownst by most people, we do NOT elect our President by popular vote. This possibility is not mentioned in the Constitution and instead, it is directed that we must elect our President by an ‘Electoral College’, which we have done in all elections in the past, while they fool us into thinking our vote on the Presidential ballot makes a difference. It does not. In our latest election, the out-dated, stodgy system broke down into a malevolent chaos, making us the laughing stock democracy of the world, one that few can understand and no one can be proud of.

AND, because the Electoral system is so complicated, not one of us can guarantee with any certainty that it was done correctly or that the results accurately portray the will of the people. We have even arrived at a time when one person can stand up in the House of Representatives or in the Senate and declare: “I will not allow any proposals to be voted on in Congress no matter how needed such proposals may be for the health and safety and security of the People.”

And none in our government does anything to have this person ejected from the Congress? Anyone who blocks legislation that comes from the People’s duly elected representatives should be jailed immediately. Instead, they are lauded and revered by too many of us and they attract more and more cash-paying co-conspirators every day.

We no longer live in a real democracy. We live in a tyranny of single individuals who believe they have the power to thwart the country’s progress into the future and they believe this because no one does anything to stop it.

The greatest evidence that this country is now in completely uncharted waters is the now famous suspension of The President Of the United States’ accounts on the Social Media platforms, nearly all of them. The President’s many posts were so unusual and so untrue most of the time, that the very constrained Social Media authorities were forced to suspend his accounts due to his continued violations of their Terms of Service. How much more evidence would one need to agree that the United States of America is in deep trouble when the President of the United States Twitter and Facebook and I believe all of his other social media accounts were terminated?

In effect, we should be asking ourselves, how did we survive such a situation where an elected official can get into so much trouble? Somehow, we survived it and we should all be thanking God, our lucky stars, or Penn and Teller for having some divine intervention and keeping this country together for four more years. But, how many more of these can we suffer before the real trouble finishes it all for us?

In short, our system of government is now a total mess, unrecognizable by any of the founding fathers, unsupported by the vast majority of us now living. Has any other nation, other than the fictional nation of ‘Alice’s Wonderland’, ever gone through any time as insane as the last four years in the United States of America? I think not and I challenge any historian to point to such an era. Does anyone really know which news is real and which news is ‘Fake News’? I have my suspicions and my readers have their own, but how do we make the final distinction between what is fake and what is real anymore?

One way, the best way, in my opinion is to ensure that our government never lies to us again in any mass quantities or at least in major events and policies. And, by the way, we’re going to fix that by the end of the next chapter.

But the main question I would like all of my readers to consider as they take in my arguments is when you have to wonder how so many laws that are completely UNPOPULAR – ALMOST NO ONE WANTS – get passed into law by our Congress year after year. True, some laws that are popular DO GET PASSED, but the vast majority of laws passed by my count in Congress have almost no support among the citizens themselves and even when popular bills are passed, they end up having trillions of dollars thrown in to muck up the solutions, when they could have been far more effective without any spending at all. In a country like Saudi Arabia, a kingdom, or North Korea, a Dictatorship like Russia, one can understand how laws that are very unpopular can be slammed into effect over all of the citizens’ objections.

Remember, this country, our country, the United States of America is supposed to be a Democracy.

And so it is that the next question we must ask is directly related to the first one: ‘How is it that the things that most people want will take decades to be granted to us, if they are granted at all. The vast majority of us in poll after poll over the years have expressed the desire for a National Health Care System that is supported by the Government as in all other advanced nations of the world, yet we still don’t have one. We’re still paying private, very rich and highly profitable Insurance Companies for our Health Care, if we can afford it. Most cannot.

The vast majority of Americans in poll after poll is that we do NOT want our citizens to be chased by police, tracked down and prosecuted for smoking the leaf of a dried weed that has never been proven to be harmful. ‘Weed’ is intoxicating, yes, but so is beer, wine and spirits, something that has been proven to be extremely harmful to our health, and yet is not illegal?

As of this writing, 22 states have made Marijuana legal, but the Federal Government maintains it in the category of ‘Dangerous Drugs’, with the word ‘Felony’ attached to a conviction. I would submit that most prescription drugs are far more dangerous than weed, some even causing thousands of deaths every year. And so they all come with health warnings. But, there are no health warnings for ‘Weed’ and never will be any. These more dangerous drugs of course have the backing of the huge Pharmaceutical companies whom we call ‘Big Pharma’ and few in Congress are going to refuse their money.

But the main question to ask is – who’s in charge here? Who should be making up our social norms - We The People? Or a few white men in suits who we send to the nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. and who take money from ‘Big Pharma’, the Health Insurance corporations and anyone else with a big checkbook, and then boldly refuse to do what 22 states have already been forced to do for their people, accepting their rule over them? And why do the states enjoy more Democracy than the Federal system that they have joined?

Remember, this country, our country, the United States of America is supposed to be a Democracy.

And one more thing as you go through your copies of your Constitution as you do your homework that I have suggested along with your reading of this book – look for the concept of the ‘Filibuster’ in the Constitution because it appears to be another major monkey wrench in our machinery for getting the federal laws and policies that the vast majority of us want and deserve. However, I promise you none of you will ever find one word about the Filibuster in our Constitution. This is just some random rule that those whom we have chosen to represent us have created, by making up their own ‘UNCONSTITUTIONAL RULES’ of doing the people’s business as they go along.

Upon further analysis, someone soon may find that our entire formation of our government, the way that they play fast and furious with their own rules may be UNCONSTITUTIONAL ITSELF. I personally cringe every time a President or even a Governor assumes what they call ‘Emergency Powers’ in response to an emergency of their own making. This behavior is highly dangerous and despotic at best.

Please keep these major well-founded criticisms of our democracy (and there are many others) in mind as you wind your way throughout the rest of this profound new set of ideas emanating out of the constant flowing of the Future delivered to us like it or not by our unflinching technological innovation.

Many more examples of our imminent demise can be given, but the most obvious one is our recent reaction to the Covid-19 Pandemic. There are so many bureaucracies now in existence in this country that it became impossible for the Hospitals, Doctors and Nurses to adequately do their jobs. Spending millions of dollars recklessly, they were not able to secure the Personal Protective Equipment to protect them against the virus. Many thousands of them actually gave their lives in service to the stricken. This is one of the biggest disgraces I’ve seen in my long lifetime.

Many people today look at our government as a large monster Dinosaur with a huge bloated body being led around the planet by an extremely small brain, the smallest in the entire animal kingdom and the main reason this species is now extinct. Are humans to become the most recent example of ‘Tyrannosaurism’ being led around by the most bloated blow-hards, the scurrilous, peanut-brained creatures in suits?

# # #

If you have read any of my earlier works, you know that, in my dotage, I have become extremely concerned about the future of our species, the future of our civilization, our political and economic survival and the future of all life on Earth.

Most of my concern began for me, when I was a young man and the government was drafting thousands of my contemporaries into the US Army. I was horrified because I considered these orders by one man, our so-called Commander-In-Chief, to be an illegal order. Our Constitution does not give the President the sole power to declare war on another nation. This power is prescribed for the Congress only, however, Congress over the years, by their inaction, has surrendered this power to the President who acts more like the nation’s Idiot-In-Chief too many times to have my respect, especially when they exceed their Constitutional powers, like when making ‘Executive Orders’, another power not mentioned in the United States Constitution. And I believe that when we ignore many of the Constitutional limitations on power, we are going down a very slippery slope towards tyranny and both parties are guilty of this.

I also did not agree with a psychotic President at the time, one ‘Tricky Dick Nixon’ that a little nation that no one had even heard of up until that time was even remotely possible of being a threat to what was then, and still is, the most powerful nation on the planet. The Viet Namese people were fighting to overthrow their French Colonial system which paid them pennies per day to work in the rice fields. They stole nearly all of the Viet Namese rice and shipped it off to France while many Viet Namese people starved to death. And somehow, the Idiot-In-Chief, and only the Idiot-In-Chief decided that we should side on behalf of these colonial slave-drivers. Well, perhaps he was thinking about our own history where we began our story as a colony of slave-owners.

Wouldn’t most Americans revolt against a system that enslaved us? The only answer is ‘Yes’ and of course, that’s exactly what we did in the American Revolution displacing the British Colonial System in 1776. Yet, in the twisted, homicidal brain of ‘Tricky Dick Nixon’, he decided that all of us, ALL OF US WITH ZERO CONSULTATION WITH ANY OF US, should support the Colonial French, not the brave people who were going to sacrifice themselves in the defense of their country.

I couldn’t understand why, if we were going to join in this evil savage assault on poor innocent rice farmers, didn’t we join on the side of the poor oppressed rice farmers and kick the French Colonial system back to France where it belonged? And, the only reason I could determine for this massive intentional error in foreign policy was due to the fact that this ONE MAN was the Chairman of a secret ‘Idiotic Decision-Making Bureau’. It’s the only explanation that made any sense at the time. This counter-democratic ‘Bureau’ may still be in effect today.

First, they appointed President Lyndon Baines Johnson to this position of absolute power over the American people. A few years later, they appointed Richard ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon to be the chair of the ‘Idiotic Decision-Making Bureau’ who got to this position by promising us that he had a ‘Secret plan to end the war’ during his election campaign, but as it turned out after he conned us into winning that election, his secret plan to end the war turned out to be a plan to expand the Viet Nam horror into Cambodia and neighboring countries and so even more millions of innocent people died by the dropping of American bombs on their huts and their rice fields.

Millions of us, who knew the truth because we had studied something called ‘World History’ in college, marched in the streets in protest of this horrific and immoral war, and yet it continued to drag on and on for a decade.

Tricky Dick kept claiming that he had something known as ‘The Silent Majority’ on his side. However, there was never any proof of that by any objective statistical methods. And so, we all learned that when the Idiot-In-Chief wants to do something that goes AGAINST the greater good of the majority of the American people, they will use this term – ‘The Silent Majority’ because it’s impossible in this current version of our political system to prove them wrong. So it is that they can justify nearly any crime they want to commit against humanity or upon our Mother Earth.

To this day, I can’t understand or accept the idea that the best form of Democracy in this world still has an open, welcoming pathway, a hack, a secret back-door entrance for a serial mass murdering psychopath to enter and then assume command of the greatest military power in history, a place where he can ply his evil horror totally unfettered, legally and morally. But, when this particular lunatic tried to get me to join in his evil, I simply refused, which is one of the good things of living in a Democracy. But, there has to be a way to fix the system so that the Good parts of our system are never overwhelmed by the Bad parts of our system. I’ve struggled all my adult life to find that ‘fix’ to the system and this book you are reading now is the results of my lifelong effort.

The Blockchain is going to fix this deep dark flaw in the American Democracy, as well as many others we will cover in this book and hopefully, it will do it soon.

By the end of this costly ‘mistake’, in history – (OOPS, so sorry) - which we are still paying for to this day, the United States dropped more bombs on this unfortunate land than we had dropped on Germany and Japan during all of World War II. All of it because one idiot in charge of all of that power, as the major DECIDER for the American people, decided that he thought it would be a great thing for this country to do and with our silence, he won the day, slaughtering millions of innocent people in our name. So much damage was done, from the decision of ONE PERSON, supported by a ‘Silent, Non-Voting Majority’ the planet is still recovering from it. Many innocent people, including children, are still being blasted to smithereens as they innocently step on buried munitions that remind the world to this day of the American aggression perpetrated by a lunatic President who was eventually forced from office in disgrace, although a disgrace of relatively minor proportions.

Of course, the most painful statistic in this historic cancer on our reputation is the fact that hundreds of thousands of young American citizens were sent to their horrific deaths and dismemberment due to the idiotic decisions made by these two ‘The Limited Brain Trust’. One of the casualties could have been me, had I not made the best decision of my life and deny the evil Hitler’s spawn in the White House to have any power over me. Many who died were my friends and colleagues. I say a prayer every day for all who died in this senseless war and in all senseless wars. (Has there ever been a sensible one?)

The irony has never been lost to me that one of these deciding idiots had the word ‘Baines’ in their name, as in the ‘Bane’ of our existence,’ and the other had the nickname of ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon for decades before he pulled his final trick of his life by lying to the American people about his true intentions in expanding the VietNam War, just to get elected in order that he could continue the mass murder. And, this one ‘Idiot-In-Chief’ would even inspire a group of like-minded individuals, who to this day, call themselves, ‘Nixon’s Dirty Tricksters’. It was only the ineptness and incompetence of the Dirty Tricksters that caused the Watergate scandal that finally turned the evil attention from the War to getting Tricky Dick to resign in disgrace.

Whatever way we used to be rid of this Hitler Zombie, it was good enough for me at the time, but I always regret that We the American People couldn’t find the more appropriate method of throwing the evil out of office much sooner and in direct response to his committing the greatest evil in our country’s history. Somehow, by resigning for the Watergate scandal made him escape responsibility for the greater death and other evils that he unleashed on the world.

Sadly even today, there are too many people in our society who believe that the power of the Presidency is more important than the power of the citizenry, which is the opposite of the Truth and so they perform all kinds of barely legal tactics like producing fake news so that this ‘Idiot Bureau’ of theirs can continue to crank out more and more ridiculous reactions to problems they have made themselves. How much longer are we going to fall for this, most successful ‘Dirty Trick’? We actually pay their salaries for them to work against us. Under what reality does this make sense at all?

We must also acknowledge that the ‘Bane’ of our existence was elected to ‘Idiot-In-Chief’ by the Democratic Party and the other idiot, ‘Tricky Dick’, who immediately followed was elected to office by the Republican Party. Neither of the two major political organizations were able to prevent or thwart the decisions of the ‘Idiot-In-Chief’ and therefore are complicit in all of the evil that was done in the name of the American People. I, for one, will never forget.

My great frustration at the time was to wonder why there was not more opposition to the War in Congress while millions of us were writing them letters, calling them every day, even demonstrating in the streets in opposition to the war? I had to view the evidence plainly and simply and came to the same conclusion over and over; that this government is not a true democracy because in a true democracy, a government ‘Of and By and For the People,” would contain a mechanism somewhere to veto at least some of the things the sadistic ‘The Limited Brain Trust’ were imposing upon us.

But, in looking at our Constitution, I could see that there was and still is not any method for counteracting the decisions by our ‘The Limited Brain Trust’ and again, neither of our political parties have made any moves in that direction in spite of some of the worst decisions ever made in history hitting us all squarely on the head more and more frequently every day. The Vietnam War was, sadly, just the beginning of the end.

After that war finally ended, with the greatest military defeat in history thanks to the incompetence of our generals at the time and our so-called Commander-In-Chief busily breaking into the offices of his political opponents at the Watergate Hotel, I remember thinking that at least from the dust of the worst debacle in modern times, we would never allow any more ‘The Limited Brain Trust’ to make similar painful, costly and idiotic decisions on our behalf. Then, along comes George W. Bush who actually made improvements to the dirty tricks of Tricky Dick Nixon, in spades.

After the attack on the United States at the World Trade Center on 9/11, George W. Bush had his CIA and other parts of the ‘Idiot-Decision-Bureau’ fabricate evidence that the small and almost irrelevant country of Iraq was responsible. Bush knew full well, from the power of the greatest intelligence gathering apparatus in the world at his disposal, that all of the attackers were Saudi Arabians and that they had been encouraged by the Saudi religious and political system to do what they did to us. He knew also that Iraq had nothing to do with the attack on us and so he sold this lie to the American people and thus the second war in Iraq began under George ‘Wrong-Way’ Bush.

This resulted in the longest war in this nation’s history and the costliest in terms of blood and treasure and all because ONE MAN in a suit has the power to do this kind of thing to the world while no one is equipped under the law to do a damned thing about it – NOTHING! I am constantly reminded to ask the question – WHY and HOW in a so-called Democracy do the people NOT have the power to VETO the evil that they do and propose better, cheaper, more efficient, safer and wiser decisions?

Is it not incredible and unacceptable that ‘We The People’ have no mechanism in place to reverse the decisions originating in the White House or in Congress imposed upon us that are harmful to all of us?

Yet it just so happens, that we now have the solution to these problems in the form of the Blockchain. In this book, we explore how to set this up and how to use it to its highest and best use.

AND SO with all of this background information as regards my theme of this book, I would like to introduce you to a new idea, an idea so revolutionary that no revolutionary war will need to be fought because it is merely an extension of a new technology that we are already using all over the world – The Internet.

So, let me start you down a new way of thinking. What if there were no more ‘Idiot-Decision-Bureaus’ and therefore no more ‘The Limited Brain Trust’?

What if someone had put on the national elections ballot back in the early 1960’s that we should immediately send troops to destroy the VietNamese countryside and kill their people because the French Colonial system was having the same problems that Empirical England had with us?

We would have been shown the costs both in terms of our money and brave American lives lost, what we call our ‘Blood and Treasure’ and it would be in the billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives lost. Even then, there would be no guarantees. We might even lose this war because it was so far away from our shores. It would take place in thick jungles where the so-called ‘enemy’ had the advantage. AND even worse for our soldiers, the indigenous people would have the great advantage of fighting to defend their country against a foreign invader – US.

How many of you, the American people, would vote for such an idiotic idea? My deepest beliefs in my soul tell me that not many of you would vote to deploy the greatest military might in history to murder millions of innocent villagers asleep in their beds. To what end? Under what set of moral principles? Are we not a country that calls itself a ‘Christian’ nation, “One nation under God”? What kind of God would endorse such mass destruction?

Wouldn’t this be the same thing that Adolph Hitler attempted – trying to impose his tyranny on foreign nations through superior military power?

I doubt many of us would vote for such a fiasco and certainly not the vast majority of us, which is what is required to make a decision in a true democracy. And certainly not from a ‘Silent Majority’. In a TRUE democracy, we do not rely on one ‘IDIOT’ to make all of our decisions that impact our lives and threaten the future of our civilization and all life on the planet – unless we do so by our apathetic inaction and lack of outrage that these things are done in our name.

And yet, this is still the system that we are forced to endure today. Until now, we have not invented anything, simple enough, utilitarian enough, smart enough to inspire us to change our system of making our most sensitive decisions.

THEN, along came the Blockchain.

Before I go on, I now have to introduce you to the Blockchain. Most of us have heard that it is the mechanism that generates cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

But, before I go on to describe the Blockchain in words, I would like you to go to the following link to a recent and very detailed video about the Blockchain published by Reuters.

Please GO here now and watch the fun and highly educational animated demonstration.

More can also be found at our website:

When you have reviewed the really neat graphics that they have produced at this website – OR you know enough about the mechanics of the Blockchain - come back HERE and continue your education.

# # #

As you now know, the Blockchain is a completely secure system for recording any human activity including our commercial transactions like making and trading Bitcoin or even recording our votes and holding that information in such a way that it is for all practical purposes ‘Tamper-Proof’.

This means that one of the first advantages that we will gain is the fact that no one will ever be able to claim that an election was rigged against them or ‘Stolen’. Because of the ‘Decentralization’ of the network used by the Blockchain, no one, unless they are willing to spend millions of dollars and millions of man-hours of labor to alter a single vote, will be willing to go to such extreme lengths on activity that can never be widespread enough to change the outcome of an election.

One or two votes may be changed, if the hacking is being done by a national military organization or a criminal organization willing to spend billions to do so, but that is about the extent of the damage that can be done to an overall decentralized network of computers who hold the many thousands of blocks of data for any given transaction safely locked away by the most extreme form of online security that we have ever known and which will probably last as the standard in this realm for centuries.

In the first chapter of this book, I am going to list several examples of how the Blockchain election can be held and how free and easy it would be to put the power of this democracy where it belongs, no more in the hands of the ‘Idiot-In-Chiefs’, but in the hands of the real owners of our democracy – the People.

But, before I leave this introductory section, I would like to give you one example, based on recent events, of how the Blockchain could be used that I hope will not leave your imagination for the rest of your lives.

NOW, what if there had been a Blockchain snap election called in the days, in early January of 2020, when we first learned that a global pandemic, a Virus known as Covid-19 had landed on our shores?

WHAT IF there was a measure taken at this time, proposed by the ‘Community’ of the Blockchain and held within it, where YOU and I and every other American voter had the right to MAKE OUR VOTE OFFICIAL – that stated that the Federal Government – “would begin to work on a vaccine and work with the Pharmaceutical companies to create new drugs that would counteract the most deadly effects of the disease on those it attacks.”

How would YOU have voted for such an idea in order to make it INSTANTLY the law of the land and thus over-riding at least some of the incompetence coming out of the White House at the time that has resulted in over a half million deaths so far and counting?

(And please keep track of your votes on these Blockchain Ballot Measures because we will need them at the end of the book for something very special that you can do for your country.)

It is true that the Trump administration did work with the Pharmaceutical companies to come up with highly effective vaccines in record time and I know this because I recently received my first injection and am a week away from my second one. But, this kind of direct action and highly effective leadership is what we expect of our elected officials. This should have been followed up with more and more actions just like this one. Instead, we have seen more chaos and confusion coming out of the last four years than any other period in our history, mostly because the President appeared to be more fixated on his reelection than he was in continuing to help prevent the spread of the disease, especially in the last few months prior to the election.

I believe Trump lost this past election in 2020, because it was obvious to most voters that he was not working to protect the American people any longer and was instead working to keep himself in office, which is a betrayal of his oath of office, to say the least. I often asked myself what he would have done if the Russians had invaded our shores with thousands of troops landing on our beaches. The answer I give myself is not a good one.

And, I am not a Trump hater. I don’t hate anyone. However, I hate having to endure a system that forces us all to rely on people like Trump over and over again, most of the time being controlled by either idiots or the brainiac, over-scholarly who have no real practical sense of what people really need or how to deliver it to them. Trump’s problem was that he bit off way more than he could chew. He was way out of his league. And, he proved the old saying: ‘Be careful what you wish for’. To get impeached twice in one term of office takes someone really trying to get this type of mark in history and so he succeeded.

The basic problem in government today is being enslaved to ‘Too Few Brains’ working on any given problem. When you have only a small collection of brains working on a problem, you’re going to get the same stale solutions that we used decades ago and are no longer effective. This is the nature of the universe. Everything changes over time, even the very essence of the problems.

When you open up the debate about a problem to a wider and wider number of minds, the solutions, the best solutions will come out of the much larger and common consciousness and the best of the best rises to the top, even the ones that may begin as a joke or a frivolous suggestion.

The Blockchain is a way to open up the common mind of humanity to the largest numbers working constantly and judiciously on our problems. If we had the Blockchain Government a few years earlier in our history, such as during the George W. (Wrong Way) Bush presidency, would you have voted to veto Bush’s decision to punish the wrong country - Iraq for the terrorist attack on 9/11 or would you have held off until he told the truth and punished the Saudi Arabian government - the true perpetrators of the attack on America?

In more recent history, let’s look at the Tax Reform, Republicans are so proud of passing in the first year of the Trump Administration. Would you have voted to give the wealthiest in our country, the corporations like Apple (the richest organization in the world) and Facebook, Exxon/Mobil, the biggest tax breaks in history, saving them billions of dollars, while they gave the poorest of us a few pennies? Or would you have taken action to ‘VETO’ this decision and create a better solution that may have INCREASED the taxes to the wealthiest 10% of us and LOWERED the taxes on the rest (90%) of us?

Which way would you vote under this Blockchain (Flash Mob) Election?

Realize too folks that the Republican Party today, at least in Congress is now a personality cult. They enthusiastically support everything pronounced by Donald Trump, even now that he’s been rejected by over half of the voting population. They approve of everything this man does, even when it goes against all common sense and the age-old policies of the Republican Party. Why?

Remember, Trump announced publicly at his rallies several times that he had “fallen in love” with the murderous and hostile Dictator Kim Yung Un who rules over North Korea with an iron fist tolerating no free speech, free press, no freedom of religion, who starves and imprisons his own people for speaking out against him and who hacks our businesses computer systems and steals millions of dollars that he uses to construct more nuclear bombs and missiles aimed at us. Even after Trump made these pronouncements of support for such evil, the Republican Party worships Trump to this day more than they worship Jesus. Why? Why is the power of one-man rule so alluring to them? The only answer I can think of is that it’s easier for them to raise money this way. They don’t need to confuse their constituents any more than they are already confused.

To put an exclamation point on the Truth I am delivering in this book, I must also point out that the Republicans in Congress during the worst health crisis in over 100 years in this country bent over backwards to try to kill off the remaining benefits of our only National Health Care system Obamacare, by attempting to abolish it completely. Even their own Supreme Court could not stomach this massively ridiculous and dangerous idea and so they failed. We must never forget atrocities against the ordinary working class people such as this one.

Worse yet, with Trump out of office the entire party has no one who can tell them how to think, so they will deny every advancement that is put before them for at least the next four years or longer because Trump cannot be back in office for at least that long. In other words, as you are witness to the next four years and watch as the Republican half of our democracy votes NO on everything, realize that they are doing this, offering nothing of their own, mainly because they have no brains of their own. They need someone like Donald Trump to tell them what to do, a President who was impeached twice, not convicted of his crimes but only because the Republicans had the majority in the United States Senate and would not vote to convict both times even though they condemned Trump later. Wait – What?

To keep it simple, do you see this country surviving for much longer under the tyrannical rule of what I am calling ‘The Limited Brain Trust’ headed up by someone appointed to office by something called the ‘Electoral College’? Or do you see our survival as being greatly improved by how fast we can organize and initialize and finally enjoy the numerous benefits of the Blockchain Government?

If, after considering all of the foregoing, you still prefer the idea of surrendering your rights and the fate of the Earth to the ‘The Limited Brain Trust’ of this world, then, this book may not be for you. In fact, if you do support a tyranny of a few determine the freedom and the power of the vast majority of ordinary people, I would prefer you did not read any further and please erase everything we have been discussing from your minds because you may not be incapable of understanding it and your attempts at understanding it may be harmful for your brain in so doing.

One final point: Just in case you think all of this book is just a bunch of highly unlikely political theory, you should know that at least one nation of this world who, as of this writing, is currently taking steps to become the first country in the world to issue an official Cryptocurrency. The day will come when the light bulb goes on, in this little country of Tuvalu, when they realize that it is only one more tiny snippet of coding of their Blockchain, as we explain in this book that would make this country the first in history to become a real, living, breathing – Blockchain Government.

And I believe the first country to do this will become the new leader of the Free World for many eons to come.


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